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Our mission is to give you a stunning gaming experience for your device.

Ever since we can remember, we have loved playing games and admired their creators. Devotion to games drove us to a career in the industry. Now we have the experience we need to take the next step.

We believe that our passion empowers us to develop challenging and exciting games.


ColdFire Game GmbH

Founding Date:
03. April 2016


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Hyper Force

Anna-Lauter-Str. 10
76137 Karlsruhe


Hyper Force - a colorful shoot 'em up game for mobile

ColdFire Games’ first release Hyper Force is mixing the arcade-style gameplay of a shoot 'em up with the tactics of a bullet-time shooter. Set in a colorful universe, the player fights against an out of control AI named Archon. Defeating various enemies, the player upgrades his ship and unlocks more stages, featuring four challenging difficulties. Notably the bullet-time mode adds a new aspect to the gameplay and caters also to a casual to mid-core audience.

Game features:

  • powerful upgrades
  • 4 rewarding difficulties
  • bullet-time for tactical maneuvers
  • a universe with a unique art style
  • heavily armed bosses


About ColdFire Games

ColdFire Games is a independent Studio based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Founded in 2016, the two-man-studio focuses on delivering high quality games for mobile. Both founders, Cem Aslan and Martin Stocker gathered a lot of experience in the game industry and are now taking the next step with ColdFire Games.


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