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Our mission is to give you a stunning gaming experience for your device.

Ever since we can remember, we have loved playing games and admired their creators. Devotion to games drove us to a career in the industry. Now we have the experience we need to take the next step.

We believe that our passion empowers us to develop challenging and exciting games.


ColdFire Game GmbH

Founding Date:
03. April 2016


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Idle Space
Hyper Force

Anna-Lauter-Str. 10
76137 Karlsruhe


Idle Space - Endless Clicker

Idle Space can be seen as the second iteration of Hyper Force. While keeping and improving the overall art style and models we changed the gameplay into an action packed Idle Clicker game. The ship is controlled automatically and attacks enemies with basic weapons. The player can support the fight with powerful Techs and additional Missiles. With the collected Credits the ship can be upgraded to defeat stronger enemies and reach higher Sectors. At some point the player can use the dimension jump to travel back in time and gain Dark Matter as special currency. With this dark matter even more powerful and permanent bonuses can be purchased.

Game features:

  • TAP and beat thousands of enemies
  • FIGHT against bosses and cash in their bounty
  • UNLOCK different techs during your journey
  • CUSTOMIZE your SHIP to match your way to play
  • PRESTIGE and get powerful boosts
  • OFFLINE GAME No internet connection required

About ColdFire Games

ColdFire Games is a independent Studio based in Karlsruhe, Germany. Founded in 2016, the two-man-studio focuses on delivering high quality games for mobile. Both founders, Cem Aslan and Martin Stocker gathered a lot of experience in the game industry and are now taking the next step with ColdFire Games.


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