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Our mission is to give you a stunning gaming experience for your device.

Ever since we can remember, we have loved playing games and admired their creators. Devotion to games drove us to a career in the industry. Now we have the experience we need to take the next step.

We believe that our passion empowers us to develop challenging and exciting games.

Hyper Force


There Is War Among the Stars 

Board your star fighter and defeat the invaders!

Hyper Force is fast paces shoot 'em up Game, set in a unique colorful universe. 

An artificial intelligence, known as Archon, has gone out of control and infiltrated human starfleet. It wants to destroy human mankind. Fire up your engines and get your hi-tech weapons systems ready.


  • powerful upgrades
  • 4 rewarding difficulties
  • bullet-time for tactical maneuvers
  • a universe with a unique art style
  • heavily armed bosses that will put the player’s reactions to the test