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Our mission is to give you a stunning gaming experience for your device.

Ever since we can remember, we have loved playing games and admired their creators. Devotion to games drove us to a career in the industry. Now we have the experience we need to take the next step.

We believe that our passion empowers us to develop challenging and exciting games.

IDLE Space


An endless idle clicker game with stunning space tap action

Enter the Space Bounty Hunt with thousands of enemies. Unlock and customize your ship during your journey and beat the ever-increasing opponent forces in this exciting idle clicker game. 

⭐ TAP and beat thousands of enemies
⭐ FIGHT against bosses and cash in their bounty
⭐ UNLOCK different techs during your journey
⭐ CUSTOMIZE your SHIP to match your way to play
⭐ PRESTIGE and get powerful boosts
⭐ OFFLINE GAME No internet connection required

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